Nowadays, the gaming industry advances faster than in the previous decades just like the 80s and 90s. Due to the rise of much excellent game developer such as EA, BETHESDA, BLIZZARD, Rockstar, and also don’t forget to mention the smaller developer who often to make high-quality free games such as the Hi-Rez studios. Although there are so many excellent consoles and PC games that have amazing gameplay and graphic, the smartphone game developer doesn’t intend to lose. This could be seen by so many games in the app store and also the play store. This time, we’d like to share some info about the difference of hardcore gaming (PC and Console gaming) with the smartphone gaming.

The smartphone gaming is one of the newest gaming generations that invented these days. The advantage of the smartphone gaming is that you can play it almost anywhere and anytime you want. You don’t need to feel awkward while sitting next to a stranger on the subway train anymore, thanks to the smartphone gaming. There are also so many choices of video games and its genres to play. However, due to the smartphone so easy to carry, there are many accidents and crimes that happened, due to the smartphone gamers often to be unaware of their surroundings.

The hardcore (console and PC) gaming is not as portable as the smartphone gaming. However, the quality of the video games for this type of gaming is absolutely amazing. With many amazing developers too. The amazing game just like the Uncharted 4, Battlefield 1 remastered, Overwatch, Titanfall, and Paladins could give the gamer the amazing experience for them to play, whether online or offline. Besides that, you don’t have to be worry about any potential street crime and accident that often to occur on the street, because you’ll play it at your own home. Just remember to socialise with your friends, families, and neighbours when you’ve finished playing your games. The real life is like a game too, you know. You’re the main character and the difficulty setting is Legendary because you’re awesome. If you are looking for more information about gaming in general, head here for the best gaming news.