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Retro Gaming : Why The Playstation OneHorror Games Are Awesome

Posted on November 12, 2016  in Gaming

The gamers these days mostly just concerned about the graphics, not all of the gamers like the video games with low graphic even though the gameplay is excellent. Right now we’d like to bring you gamers to the memory lane of the old gaming days with the playstation one. However, for all of the young gamers who just born in 2000s, it could gives you more insight about the gaming back in the 90s and early 2000s. We’d like to discuss about why the playstation one horror games are awesome.

The first next gen

The playstation one is the first well-known 3D game console which has been sold all around the world. The Square enix as the developer of the final fantasy 7, made the FF VII as the first game that shows the other playstation game developers, that the ps-1 could be used for the 3D games. Did you know that before the FF VII, all ps-1 games are 2Ds. When it’s bring the horror genre for the first time, it is considered to be insanely scary at that time. The thrill and scariness of a horror games bought to the 3D form for the very first time. Back in the days, there aren’t many horror games either. Even the arcade games are mostly still 2Ds. When the game like the first Resident Evil, silent hills, and also fatal frame comes out, the gamer at that era feel the new, thrilling, and insanely frightening horror game in the 3D experience.

Resident evil

One of the scariest thing about the ps-1 resident evil is the jumpscares. It creates jumpscare even before the word “jump scare” even popular. For example, if you have played the Resident Evil 3, remember the first time when jill walked into the alley of racoon city, then from some windows or doors zombies just came out and chase you. The younger gamers might think “pfft.. you just need to shoot them.” However, back in the days, those resident evil zombies are very tough, could deal high damage, and your ammo and health are also very scarce.

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