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The Major Difference Between Overwatch And Paladins

Posted on November 12, 2016  in Gaming

The gigantic video games developer Blizzard Entertainment already have several problems with its new game Overwatch in the past few months. One of the Overwatch problems is the Overwatch Porn or Hentai which is becoming the trending topic for a few months back. However, right now Blizzard has a new problem, which is better to be considered as a “challenge” in its business with the Overwatch franchise. It’s the Rise of the game with the same genre. It’s called Paladins, it’s developed by the Hi-rez studio (Smite Developer). Some gamers might think it’s an Overwatch clone but actually, it’s started its open beta way long before the Overwatch start its own beta. Paladins open beta dated November 17th, 2015 while Overwatch start its open beta in May 2016. However, right now we don’t want to discuss the clone issue. This time, we’ll talk about the differences between these two games.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Overwatch pros and cons.

Pros :

1. It has one of the best graphics for today video game. (The graphic is so stunning).

2. Better character concept and design (stories, relationship, excellent modelling, realistic, beautiful and strong characters etc).

3. So many players available to play (around 9-10 million players, perhaps even more than that).

Cons :

1. Relatively expensive ( requires high-performance console or PC, the game price is also expensive).

2. Cannot modify the character abilities (All hero skills fixed)

3. You can change heroes in mid game except in the Competitive mode ( depends on the player preferences)

The next one is the Paladins.

Pros :

1. Has the lighter graphic but the overall graphic quality is not bad. ( even better at the high-performance platform) and free to play, available on Steam.

2. You can set each Champions skills the way you like it. It has the card system, in-match items (free, buy with battle performance credits) to improve your character skills or choose which skill you want to focus on your Champions.

3. Cannot change your Champions in mid game even in casual mode, it requires your commitment as a Champion in mid game (depends on the player preferences).

Cons :

1. Lower graphic details and quality than the Overwatch.

2. Some Champions are locked and you have to buy them. No Character stories and background.

3. There are still several bugs that need to be fixed. (Crashes, glitches, especially after connection lag or disconnected from the game).

You don’t have to be confused to choose one of them. Why? Because it’s so obvious that these two games are so different. The first one has Higher Graphic but Expensive, while the others have lower graphic but free. Feel free to play both of them. It is completely up to you as a gamer to choose. If you love video games and green technology, be sure to checkout our sponsor for this post, the best solar company in san diego.

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